We believe that when dissected, life really only boils down to a few key elements, and it's outside of morality and religion; it really only comes down to what you value, and time management. We believe that Values and Time Management are THE absolute defining characteristics that we as humans have. You see – TIME is the most precious commodity that we own, it’s more precious than gold, or oil, or water, or any other thing we possess. It’s the one thing that money can’t buy, and the one thing we can never get back. It’s the driving factor behind every decision we make, every emotion we feel, and any belief system we adhere to.


You see, so many people in this world search endlessly for some complex magical formula, to understand why some people are successful, and why others are not. However it’s really not complex at all, it boils down to the concept of productivity; the ideology behind DEATHCREW. The amount of productivity can be simply measured when you apply (the most amount of effort) x (the best of your abilities) x (the allotted time that you have). Successful people realize this.

Successful people realize that TIME is the most precious commodity out there. Successful people understand that just going through the motions is the most disadvantageous thing that you could ever do.

DEATHCREW is the belief that you have to give it your all, you have to pour your heart and soul into each task, no matter how big it is or how small it is. We believe that you have to make a commitment to yourself that you are going to do it right.

DEATHCREW is a belief system that says, if my time here is limited, I need to live my life in a way where not a single heartbeat is wasted. It’s about investing that time wisely, it's about spending that time – Right.

DEATHCREW is about not being afraid of Death – because you know there isn’t a single thing you could’ve done more.

I listen to people all the time talk about athletes, musicians, business men, etc and they all say the same thing – oh, they're successful because of their trust fund, or genetics, or steroids, or luck... the list goes on and on. They fail to realize that those successful people, those die-hards, those “crazies” those “obsessed” – they live within the same time constraints as everyone else – they just know the value of their limited time here, and they want to do everything in their power to not squander it.

DEATHCREW is a belief system in which at the time of Death, there is no fear, for we know we spent our heartbeats right, and invested them in the right things. It’s a way of life that will leave you lying on your deathbed being surrounded by a group of people that will defend your name, not lying there surrounded by trophies and money, or people waiting for you to sign your Will.

People fail to realize that how they spend their time is more important than anything else. A lot of people trick themselves into thinking that what they do in life is beneficial, but then they get so frustrated when they don’t see the results that they want. You know you can say – “oh, I went to they gym today, and I’m better off because of it”, but the real question you have to ask yourself is – What did I do in the gym today? What did I really do, and how did I do it? Honestly it doesn’t matter that you were there, there is NO credit for just showing up. It’s about your effort, and doing the activity right. And this applies to all areas of your life, your school, your job, your family. Being there isn’t enough, showing up isn’t enough. It’s about taking pride and doing things right, even down to the small things like – cleaning the dishes – or cleaning the house. Because… if you can’t clean the house right – how can you expected to run a fortune 500 company right? And all DEATHCREW members understand that – that they are going to give it their all to every single task they have to do – because time is so precious , and they are going to do it right.

Ask yourself – what are you going to do today, but more importantly – how are you going to do it. In the end when Death is near, it’s a victory for a life well spent. And as we say:

"If Death is the victory, how afraid of life can we be"

DEATHCREW is about leaving a legacy when were dead that says, I wasn’t perfect, I wasn’t even close… but at least I tried.