Like clockwork, when I get busy, I get so caught up in what I’m trying to accomplish that I forget who I’m trying become.

And that’s a huge mistake.

It’s a crazy time of year. Holiday Shopping / Black Friday / Dealing with our new secret location / Launching our first ever RUCKUS Kickstarter campaign, (Not to mention on the agency side of things we just landed BMW as a client). All of these are awesome things, but as I was leaving for the airport today, I started thinking:

At the end of our life, I honestly don’t think a single person that truly matters to us is going to talk about any of our accomplishments.

But, do you know what they will talk about? Do you know what they will remember?

I think they will probably remember how you were always kind to them in a thousand small ways. How you were forgiving, and treated people with warmth and dignity and grace. I think people will talk about things like gentleness, patience, and generosity. What is so crazy to me is how the ways and flesh of the world teach us the complete opposite, trying to tell us that all that counts are touchdown numbers, bank accounts, grandiose, followers, and reblogs. 

Sitting here at the airport, my out-of-whack priorities almost makes me puke.

I’ve allowed myself to slip into the worldly belief that living a good story is about accomplishing something grandiose, worldly, fame inducing. And I guess that’s partly true — dreams and goals and visions of grandiose are to be pursued - But let us not forget that people are meant to be loved and relationships are meant to be cultivated above EVERYTHING else. The way we treat people and make them feel special can never be integrated into our Google calendar, projection maps, or management software - but it’s true nonetheless.

Look, you will achieve wonderful things over the course of your story;

Of this I am sure.

Buildings will be built, children will be taught, records will be broken, and books will be published, grandiose and fame will be given. Please do those things — because the world needs them — but remember that those things, they really don’t matter at all to the people who matter most to you.

At the end of your story - strangers will celebrate you for what you’ve done. Your friends and family will celebrate you for who you are.

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