When my friend Stephen Harrison first told me about his new secret music project that was a working on partnering with Jason Butler, he immediately had my attention.

When he told me that John Feldmann and Travis Barker were also supporting the project my ears peaked a little more.

And then he sealed the deal when he told me that their first show was going to be a pop-up at Randys Donuts in LA and he didn't really know what was going to happen - It was that day I booked our tickets to fly to LA and see what these guys had up their sleeves.

When the Fever 333 arrived incognito in the back of a U-Haul truck and held their first "demonstration" I knew the entire music world was going to have its handful knowing what to do and where to place them. 

Widely compared and talked about now as the new Rage Against The Machine, the Fever 333 has catapulted itself to a practical household name of music insiders and fans alike, so why is their Grammy Nomination being vastly ignored?

Rock and roll has always taken a back seat to hiphop and r&b as the leading music genre in America. Why is that? Is rocknroll not accepting of new young acts? Hence why bands like Metallica, Five Finger Death Punch, Korn, etc are still playing and headlining 30 years later? Or perhaps rocknroll isn't progressing at the rate of rap? Meaning not enough new content is put out to actually get our attention? Is the general American population just not ready for progressive and potentially heavier rock (Travis Scott’s ‘RODEO’ shows would point to no).

So not only does Rocknroll in general not truly get noticed - but African Americans have always been severely underrepresented. The nominees are sparse, much less actual winners. (Which is awkward considering where rock and roll came from).

But here we are - its 2019, intro FEVER 333 - a band with more than one person of color is up for Rocknroll best live performance. Being nominated at all is extremely rare, especially at the Grammys, and lets also mention - this is an overly outspoken political band and borderline movement.

Artist of all types find it easier to avoid politics in times like these as to not stir the pot and upset any one group of people. Fever 333 might be one of if not the only artist at the Grammys who’s music is 100% driven by their political beliefs.

Fever 333 is a young band that got a lot of attention very quickly, and that’s a testament to the strength of the underground aggressive music scene. This could not have happened had it not been for Letlive, the Chariot, Night Verses, Spoonfed, and all of their supporters.

Winning the award isn’t whats important. The important thing to take away is that this is clear evidence in a shift of what “works” in the music industry. Diversity is good. Speaking up about how you feel about the plight of your surroundings is good. Representation of Color in rock and roll is good. People want change. And by the looks of it, maybe even the Grammy committee wants to see change as well.

Lets hope the rest of the world tunes in to this shift and actually starts paying attention. 

The Grammys are on Feb 10th - please tune in and support FEVER 333 and win or lose, lets all pay attention to them and what comes next. They could be the most important face of Rocknroll we have. 

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