It’s no surprise that over here at RUCKUS, more often than not we are big supporters of the loud and obnoxious. No joke – my favorite Athletes growing up were Dennis Rodman and Mike Tyson, I was raised on Beastie Boys, Korn, and Glassjaw. Enter in characters like Kanye, Pharell, Riff Raff, Sean Taylor (RIP), JR Smith, and now – my new favorite anti-hero: Seattle Seahawks cornerback; Richard Sherman.

Yesterday after making the game winning play in the Seahawks vs 49rs NFC Championship game, Sherman gave quite possibly the best postgame interview of all time (minus all Ric Flair interviews of course). He went after the 49rs for their play calling, called All-Star Michael Crabtree “sorry” and “mediocre” and told us all again not only to “never talk about him” but also, that he was the best corner in the game.

“I’m the best corner in the game. When you try me with a sorry receiver like Crabtree, that’s the result you gonna’ get. Don’t you ever talk about me…Don’t you open your mouth about the best or I’m gonna’ shut it for you real quick.”

After the interview, of course my timeline was ON FIRE about how classless and horrible he is. But I couldn’t help but begin to love this guy. In the sort of same vein in which I love Kanye. Has crazy and brash as he is – you know what – this dude is REAL – and I cant help but love that.

Second in his high-school class, Stanford graduate, the Seattle Seahawks cornerback, in fact is (Arguably) the best corner in the league. His numbers definitely back that up. And oh yea – his degree from STANFORD was in Communication.

My point of contention with everyone upset about his actions is a mere point of ENTERTAINMENT. You see, as sports fans, the bottom line is still entertainment and getting “as close as we can” to the action. So why then, when a player gets as real as he can in a post game interview, you bash him for being class-less? Do you think those players on the field all get along? Do you think they don’t talk shit? Do you think they don’t try to hit each other, at full speed, and assert their dominance on each other for 3 hours?

If you didn’t want this kind of behavior, you would watch bowling, or cricket, but that’s not what you watch is it – you watch FOOTBALL (and occasionally hockey because of the fights). You watch this sport because of the violence. Am I wrong? Why else in the world did they replay the injury to 49rs Linebacker NaVarro Bowman over 20 times on national TV?! The dudes knee was bent and broken in one of the most disturbing ways I have ever seen. But did you flip the station? Of course you didn’t.

But when you stick a mic in a guys face, moments after making a game winning play SENDING HIS TEAM TO THE SUPER BOWL – you expect him to be polite? Composed? HELL NO. That’s not why you watch!

I mean, football is rough, and angry, and aggressive, and violent, and makes GROWN MEN PAINT THEIR FREAKING FACES. You don’t want meek and mild characters. You don’t want the NFL to take away contact. You want blood and guts and entertainment.

So stop it…. Just stop it.

Because, frankly this is what we want.

Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE my homeboy Peyton Manning, but I don’t want 22 of him on my team, and I certainly don’t want him at middle linebacker, with the game on the line. I want Ray Lewis there. And I want Richard Sherman on the corner, 1on1 with my opponents’ best receiver. Because this is a violent game, and we need violent men to play it.

Bottom line – I love Sherman, I wish he played for the Broncos. I always want people on my team who hoot, and holler, and lay hits, and intercept the ball, and I can trust to man up in the face of adversity.

Also, remember this guy has a degree, from Stanford, in COMMUNICATION. He knows what he is doing. There is this famous quote "IF YOU DONT LIKE WHAT THE MEDIA IS SAYING, BECOME THE MEDIA".  Straight up - Love him – or Hate him – either way you’re talking about him, which means: HE WINS.

So toughen up out there. If you don't like what he is saying, have someone on your team shut him up. Until then, we suggest you enjoy the show.

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