"We get robbed of the glory of life because most of us aren't capable of remembering how we got here."

So I just read that until the age of 26, your brain doesn't stop growing. Its like from birth until your 26th birthday, God is slowly turning on the lights. It's a slow sort of awakening as well, so slow that you really don't even know your'e still evolving. It is something that happens naturally, not something that is abrupt. Its like this whole "life" experience is so seemingly slow that you could easily start to believe that life in general is no big deal.

What I'm saying is that, we are like spoiled rich kids who don't get impressed with the new gifts they are given. Life becomes ordinary. Its just another Sunset,  just another rainstorm moving in over the mountains,  just another child being born,  just another funeral.

When I think about this void, I wonder if the reason we fall so numb to life is because maybe deep down we are scared. We are scared to acknowledge the brilliance of life because then - like Spider Man - "with great power, comes great responsibility". Maybe we are scared to acknowledge life as dazzling, because we don't want the responsibility of being actual characters in this story.

Because, that's what life is when you boil it down, right? A story? Your story? And, if we begin to believe that we are characters in a magnificent story, we have to actually move, and breathe, and act, and face conflict with courage.  But - if life isn't remarkable and dazzling, then we don't have to do any of that; we can just be numb, or dumb, or naive, or some deadly combo of the three, and simply ignore that we have anything to be grateful for.

When people say "life is meaningless" I want to slap them in the face. Life isn't meaningless, you are simply projecting their poor decisions onto others. Life is a blank canvas - and we can play whatever role that we want to.

Ask yourself before your next major decision “If I were a character in a story, what decision would make the story more interesting? What decision would prove that this is an existence worth living?”

I think if people did this, we would be pleasantly surprised of the results. I think people would decide to love people more, bring home roses, leap off the cliff into the water, hell - maybe you'd even quit your job. Great characters in exciting stories don’t sit around on the couch playing it safe. They get up, move, try, risk, fail, and repeat.

But here is the kicker that will leave most of you on the couch - Living a great story costs something.

In America, the stories most of us are living are so boring, we simply survive. And people are suffering the emotional consequences of the modern day American dream. They hate their lives. We live vicariously through television shows and gossip magazines because we begin to believe that our lives are meaningless. Why do you think divorce rates are so high? We are built for adventure, not the mundane. But... what if your life could be as inspiring and as interesting as the shows we watch on television?

Straight up - the American dream got hijacked. It’s time to take it back. Lets turn off the television and start living a better story.


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