“We Love Colorado. We Hate Watching It Burn.”

“We Love Colorado. We Hate Watching It Burn.”

As wildfires continue to ravage Colorado, residents are desperate to help in any waythey can. A group of talented Colorado designers, marketers and printers have quicklybanded together to donate their skills and launch Wild Fire Tees, a rotating line of Colorado-created, limited edition tee shirts with 100% of the proceeds going to wildfire relief.

“We love Colorado,” said Austin Buck, co-owner of Co-Pilot Creative, a ColoradoSprings-based design firm and a devastated resident who founded the site. “We hate watching it burn.”

Inspired by the Central Texas Wildfire T-Shirt fundraiser powered by AIRSHP inresponse to the Balstrop fire in Texas, Buck and his crew at Co-Pilot brought in a few local friends who wanted to help – Colorado Springs-based design companies FixerCreative Co., Design Rangers, marketing company Magneti Marketing, Pueblo-based LastLeaf Printing, and artist Jeremy Grant – to co-found Wild Fire Tees.

The site emerged out of a simple and overpowering desire to support wildfire victims in a way that would exceed any individual checks the group could write.

So far, it’s worked. Wild Fire Tees launched at 12 PM on Wednesday, June 27th and by4 PM MST they have sold over 1,000 shirts and received nearly 15,000 hits to the website, selling nearly $50,000 in t-shirts in 12 hours, with orders continuing to pour in from all over the nation.

“The response has been overwhelming. The stories people have told us – from a couple who are having a “Give Back” wedding and are buying t-shirts for their wedding party, to a Boulder designer who submitted a design after watching the Boulder fire ravage his neighborhood,” Sara DeRose, co-owner of Fixer Creative Co. said. “We’re amazed and proud.”

100% of the proceeds raised will go to Colorado wildfire victims through partners the Colorado Red Cross and Care and Share Food Bank.

Currently, Wild Fire offers eight designs in both men’s and women’s sizes, from “Make it Rain” to “Fight Fire With Fire” designs. The group behind the project reached out to an initial network of local designers for new designs, but the designs now come from artists nationwide. Any designer who wishes to help is encouraged to submit their designs for consideration at submissions@wildfiretees.com.

They have a Facebook page at www.facebook.com/wildfiretees and you can purchase tees at WildFireTees.com.

Any press inquiries can be directed to Tucker Wannamaker atpress@wildfiretees.com or (719) 244-2258

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