I got 2 things to say starting off. 1.) God works in mysterious ways, and 2.) You know you keep good company when through clout, connections, and coincindence you get hooked up with guys like Will "the Grinder" Grundhauser.

I recently met and became familiar with Will through our mutual friend at Smanh Inc. Cory Sittner. Will and the entire Billings crew came through Denver for our Recent Worlds Collide MMA event and Grappling tournament. Cory told me these guys were RUCKUS material, and damn was he right...

Will "the Grinder" Grundhauser won Gold in worlds that Weekend. WITHOUT BEING SCORED ON. Yeah thats right, Will won gold without having a single point scored on him. Will has made a career out of being the baddest man in the world in his weight class.

We are very proud of our boy Will as well as all the other Ruckus fighters and family througout the nation. EITHER RIDE WITH US - OR YOU COLLIDE WITH US!

*Copyright Ruckus Apparel **All photos copywritten and courtesy of our friend Tez Mercer

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