"They hate me because they are all old and worked their whole lives to live here and I am only 24..."

This weekend we got to spend some amazing time with our friend Ryan Sheckler at his home base in San Clemente. Ryan came and helped us at our assembly in Mission Viejo and then was awesome enough to put us up for the weekend at his house.

And even though there were a ton of great take-aways from this weekend, as I sit here in the passenger seat as me and Mikey are driving to Bakersfield, there is one point I want to talk about first...

Mike, Ryan, Casey, and myself were talking about his house, neighbors, and neighborhood and he said something that really caught my attention:

"They all hate me because they are all old and worked their entire lives to live here and I am only 24. But fuck that - I worked my whole life to live here too. I just started working way earlier than they did!! I started skateboarding at 2 years old. I worked my ass off to live like this."

You know what - He's right.

Ryan was lucky enough to be born with a certain amount of talent, but then he went and dedicated his entire life to hard-work and truly cultivated it.

Anyone who wants to emulate or be like Ryan needs to take note of the fact that he has NEVER changed his profession. One reason why Steve Jobs was so successful was that he put all his energy into one thing. Im not saying this way of life doesn't have consequences when taken to the extreme, I mean, Steve Jobs was never exactly nominated for "Father of the Year".... So I'm not saying that this path doesn’t have potholes, traffic and detours - but I am saying is that without hard work, true dedication, and a reckless pursuit, you will never accomplish anything worthwhile.

Only people who experiment without fear of failure, and accept that they can learn from it, are bound to produce great things. Remember - time is the great equalizer.

Never let anyone act like we don't all have the same 24 hours in each day.

Shout out to Shecks and the entire FOUNDATION crew again for hosting this weekend and taking such good care of us.

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