RUCKUS GIRLS web-50 After my last article regarding Pascal, I could not stop thinking about GyShiDo (The Art of Getting Your Shit Done).

Here is what Pascal refers to as the CODE OF HONOR when it comes to mastering GyShiDo:


1. Relentless Focus. Focus on the 10% of your activities which drive most of the value. Relentlessly.

2. Boring Consistency. Do the right things over and over again. Consistency forms habits. Habits make hard things effortless.

3. No Bullshit. Don't bullshit yourself or others. Apply brutal honesty and transparency to everything you do.

4. No Meetings. Meetings come in only two forms: Standing or social. If it's social, it's over breakfast, lunch, coffee, dinner or drinks. If not - don't sit down.

5. Follow Up. Don't let others wait for your part of the job. Ever.

6. Don't be an Asshole.

You’re probably thinking “duh” right? But when I thought about how this applied to my own life, I found value worth sharing.

I often mistake being busy with being productive. It’s admittedly a horrible habit of mine. Because I don’t have SET work hours, I don’t set harsh enough deadlines and parameters and I end up busy and working all day, but definitely not as effective or productive as I could be. I have a lot to learn when it comes to the true art of GyShiDo.

I think the first step – is that you must first actually be in love with what you do. Like, you have to actually LOVE the actions of what you do. Because if you want to stand apart at all from the crowd, regardless of your field, its going to take work… lots and lots of work.

You will have to work at it, no matter what.

Malcolm Gladwell points out that the average “genius” is no genius at all, but has spent 10,000 hours honing their craft. Nobody is born great. It takes work. Lots and lots of work.

When I first started RUCKUS, I wondered if I had something special, if I could be like The Hundreds, REBEL8, Nike… I was hoping there was some magical ability within me that would shine out and get discovered. But those were idiotic thoughts at best - The only way to get discovered is to work very hard, very long hours and create something good.

People discover what is good. People connect and partner with greatness. People respect hardwork. People see through BullShit.

If you want to master the Art of GyShiDo - ask yourself: what do I love to do? Am I good at it? And if not, am I practicing and do I love the practice? And lastly, what am I making? Am I writing a book, painting a series of paintings for a gallery opening, pushing songs forward for an album, creating a line of clothes for a fashion show, writing a series of sermons, running for student government, learning a completely new skill set?

Whatever it is - Let’s be known for making shit happen.

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