Today we release over 20 new pieces online and in exclusive retailers worldwide. For this collection, we wanted to pay homage to the vintage collegiate feel - classy, simple, clean, but present it in a way so that every piece can be worn confidently whether you are working out, hanging out, or going out.

This collection couldn't have been possible without our team - I want to thank Edgar Regalado for all the late nights and countless hours he put in on this collection. You are a rock star not only in business but also in life. I want to thank Reed and the InkMonstr fam for believing in us and partnering with us creatively to really push our boundaries and raise the bar. I want to thank our sponsors for the release party today - Fireball, RedBull, ROAM, and Deep Eddy Vodka. Thank you trusting me through this process, and allowing me to think outside the box. I want to thank my brother from another mother Mike Smith, with this release we also featured 3 collaboration pieces with Mike and I couldn't be happier about the partnership. Thank you to all my team on the ground putting in work every day - Manda Hesterly, Shallana Marie, Brad Coley, Athena Brownson, Julian Kerr. You guys are the best. Thank you to the amazing group of Allied Creatives that continually help us raise the bar - Loyus Concepts, Brett Seeley, Don Hales, Rebecca Slaughter, Matt Forma, Kassia Phoy, Blurred Pictures - you guys are freaking artists, I couldn't ask for better creative partners. Finally thank you to all my family and friends, and fans that support RUCKUS. We very literally couldn't do this without you guys and your support means the world.

With all that said - I hope you enjoy the new collection; SHOP HERE


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