I have this underdog friend named Mike.

I first heard about mike almost 3 years ago when i got a random phone call from an old friend of mine, Jade...

"Hey, there is this guy in Nebraska you need to meet. He is kinda poor like you, and does a lot of cool community stuff like you too. He just slept under a bridge for like a month to raise money for the homeless and now he is talking about skateboarding across the whole state of Nebraska. I dont know him well, just seems like the kind of guy you would like..."

I called Mike the next day and asked how we could help him in his efforts and we have been working together ever since.

I saw everything unfold first hand nearly 2 months ago when I was invited up to the grand openeing of THE BAY, a new indoor skatepark that Mike and his homie TJ literally built with their own hands. With the help of RedBull, and Ryan Scheckler, THE BAY is now a fully operational indoor skatepark complete with mentor programs, skate school, outreach events, and a whole arrange of other things.

Well this year, I wanted to get involved on a way more hands on level. I asked Mike how I could help and he simply said, "Come". I jumped at the opportunity, I wanted to help, I want to tell this guys story.

So I called my productioin guys and said we are going to Nebraska to film my homie Mike, he is skateboarding across the state for charity. Luckily, everyone in BLURRED Pictures is as crazy as I am and jumped at the opportunity.

We started in Imperial, Nebraska, and the plan was to go 50 miles the first day to Lake McCanaghy. All on skateboards... all on a highway that has NO shoulder.

We filmed and Mike skated as Semi after Semi after Semi passed by at 70 miles hours an hour. It was one of the knarliest things i have ever been a part of.

This year, Smith’s focus falls solely on Skate For Change, which is the division of THE BAY that empowers youth to use skateboarding as a vessel for assisting the homeless and lesser fortunate in their communities.

Since its initial inception in the streets of downtown Lincoln, Skate For Change has now spread across the state into Omaha, York, North Platte, and even across the country into the likes of Kansas City, Springfield (MO), Rockford (IL), Cleveland, and Seattle.

Smith hopes that this year’s Skate The State will grow the cause even further. “My goal with Skate For Change is to create something that will live well past my lifetime,” said Smith. “Skate The State has consistently given us more and more sustainability each year.”

It is approximately 340 miles across Nebraska’s highways and ending at Lincoln’s State Capitol. The group anticipates their arrival to fall on the following Thursday, June 27th - meaning Mike plans to skateboard roughly 40 – 50 miles per day to successfully complete the trip within a week’s time.

This is nuts, but he is doing it. Nit for glory, or fame, or recognition - but because he knows that through action, he can make a difference. I encourage you to join us.

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