RUCKUS presents "Prayer For Reconciliation" Winter 16 Collection

Its finally here!! The Winter 16 Collection is available exclusively online and in out flagship store Bellwether in Denver!!

This collection is heavily influenced from times past, when things were a little simpler, less perfect outwardly, and more beautiful inwardly. Times when it wasn't the flash that got attention, but the simple.

I was struck by an interview recently which asked these questions:
Who is power forgetting?
Who is culture oppressing?

It made me start thinking... Thats how Jesus lived. He lived for THOSE people - then he gathered them together, and ate with them, and listened to them, and cared for them. He found himself eating with lepers and bleeding women and the poor and prostitutes and tax collectors. He spent his life gathering these people, and he broke bread with them.

And so today - what if we asked those same two questions...

Who is power forgetting?
Who is culture oppressing?

And then, what if we went and we gathered those people. And ate with them. And listened to them. And we cared for them?

I think we would find ourselves listening to black kids. Black women. Black men. Brown people. Muslims. Addicts. The mentally ill. Children. Gay kids. Transgender kids. Refugees. Immigrants. Widows. The financially poor and the emotionally drained.

And so... right now, if we look around our community, and we do not see those faces… then we can be certain we are not doing the work that we were created to do.

Are you creating and building community where the vulnerable can find allies and refuge and hope? Or - have we as a society and community simply created a country club where we can be comfy with folks who look and love and think just like we do.

I really, really like those two questions as a moral compass in my life. I don't need all the answers, but I can live my life asking those two questions and fighting the people who get in the way.

This collection "Prayer For Reconciliation" is about building a community... building a community for people who may have never belonged to anything in their lives.



Prayer For Reconciliation, a fashion film for our Winter16 Collection.

A Fashion Film for our Winter16 collection. Filmed in Denver, Colorado with our partners Blurred pictures. It's our goal and mission as a company to always be pushing the limits, and so with the popular emergence of video look books in today's fashion realm, we looked at that and thought - what if we pushed it even further...

Prayer For Reconciliation is a fashion film directed by BLURRED Pictures, that explores what would happen if we actually lived out what we preach. Starring Rhandy Rains.

Shop the collection online at

Rhandy Rains
Bryn Carter
Thahn Ngu
JC Scott Gray
Brandon Thatch

Also featuring:
Arlyn Petrie
Lucus Garcia

Filmed & Edited by BLURRED PICTURES.

"A SHEEP AMIDST THE WOLVES" by Tommy Green and White Flag.

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