Ruckus Apparel presents: SWEPT


A Fashion Film for our SS15 collection. Filmed in Denver, Colorado with our partners Blurred pictures. It's our goal and mission as a company to always be pushing the limits, and so with the popular emergence of video lookbooks in today's fashion realm, we looked at the trend and thought - what if we pushed it even further...

Swept is a feature fashion film directed by Rosco Guerrero of Blurred Pictures, that explores the depths and emotion of what it looks like when you're caught in a bad story. Starring Rebecca Slaughter and Logan Macrae.

The film explores some new territory for us as we really wanted to explore the boundaries between story, fashion, entertainment, and passion as they collide onscreen during this four-minute journey.

Swept provides a provocative look inside the industry and asks the question, is the cheap money worth it, or do we stand for something more.

Shop the new SS15 Ruckus collection online, here.

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