For Round 2 of the our Pool Party Series, the weather was not wanting to cooperate with us. But instead of calling it quits or re-scheduling like everyone else, we made the executive decision to just move the whole party inside and throw the best inside Sunday Funday party possible!

I spent about 13 hours over the past month designing the layout, placing the banners, vendors, sponsors, everything - perfectly.... But... when I woke up on Sunday mornign to mid-70's and Thunderstorms, I knew it was all for nothing. So I rushed to the Exdo Center, and by the seat of my pants, I redid the entire party layout in under an hour moving the entire party (including the REDBULL MXT DJ BOOTH / STAGE) inside.

With the Venue on board, we got the MXT placed, sound hooked up, and Vendors and Sponsors all up and running by the time doors opened at 1pm - not missing a beat.

Surprisingly, the weather actually help up decently and quite a few people spent nearly the entire time outside and in the pool. It helps that our party comes with a 60ft inflatable slip-and-slide which seemed to be the biggest hit.

Live music by my great homie DJ Manos opened the party, with a  live performance from Namm (of Lama Live) mid-day, and then Mike Barnheart closed us out. But NOT BEFORE my friend and lead designer Nick Hughes could propose to his beautiful fiance on stage!!

It was a great day, over 1,000 people came out to party with us, and then of course, COLD CRUSH was hoppin all night with you night owl partiers.

Thank you to all the vendors and Sponsors that were there - especially REDBULL and DEEP EDDY VODKA.

Enjoy some pics courtesy of 303 Magazine and the Denver Westword from the party below! And for more pic of the event, click HERE!

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