DENVER, CO - NOVEMBER 18, 2010 – On November 18, 2010, RUCKUS APPAREL will partner with Colorado non-profit, COME, LET’S DANCE to host a Denver RED CARPET PREMIERE of their award-winning documentary film MZUNGU (n.) White Wanderer at the historic Mayan Theater in Denver, Colorado (110 Broadway, Denver, CO 80203).  Doors will open at 6:30; film and presentation start at 7pm.  Dress to impress for this special one night only event.


MZUNGU is not just another Social Justice Documentary.  Finally, there exists a global issues film that shows more than the flies-on-the-face and hopelessness of the world. MZUNGU is the rest of the story: what happens after the filmmakers and the characters go home?  It is the journey of four Coloradans who set out to “save the world,” and instead unite a community to work together for authentic, meaningful change, while also changing themselves forever. The power of this film lies in the question “Can love conquer all?” And sometimes, as is the case in MZUNGU, the simplest answer is the best.

MZUNGU Producer & Director, and Come, Let’s Dance Executive Director, Shana (Shane) Marie Gilbert says, ‘We’re so excited for this showing and so grateful to our merchandise company, Ruckus Apparel for wanting to help us reach out to more people.’  

Come, Let’s Dance is a Colorado and Uganda-based organization focusing on holistic community development and the empowerment of African youth to initiate positive social and economic change in their lives and communities. Founded in 2006, Come, Let’s Dance has already seen long-term effects set in motion and has established a number of self-sufficient programs that address the root of the orphan cycle in the developing world.

As stated by Gilbert, ‘It’s not easy learning what it means to become part of a developing world – but at the end of the day, we know that relationships, empowerment, and love are what mean the most. MZUNGU inspired the creation of our organization and helped us tell our story and the story of so many people who we strive to help every day.’

Ruckus Apparel came on board very early in 2006 as owner, Josh Schmitz, learned that his younger brother, Jeremy, was traveling to Uganda to serve orphans and widows alongside Come, Lets Dance.  According to Josh, it was about something bigger: ‘Uganda changed Jeremy’s life.  It went from being a simple 3 month trip to him telling me he’s not coming home.  He spent in total almost 3 years of his life there.  I knew I had to help his cause, so Ruckus set up  collaboration shirts where all of the proceeds went directly to Come, Lets Dance.

Tickets are going fast - CLICK HERE - to get yours before it is too late!!

For more information about MZUNGU and Come, Let’s Dance, visit and

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