My dad was talking about love the other day, and said the following: 

"Love that is limited or conditional is not real love"

and then he said this about Caitlyn Jenner:

“You can get mad if you want - but you should listen because it’s true...

I suppose you have all seen the choice Bruce Jenner has made to turn into Caitlin. I think it’s appalling.

I think it’s appalling how people have reacted with judgement and hate in the name of Jesus.

You know what’s true?

The choice Bruce made to turn into Caitlin has little to no effect on the spread of the message of the love and grace of Jesus. The only thing that will hinder the spread of the message of His love and grace is when His followers choose not to love, when His followers choose who they think is worthy of love...

To quote Brennan Manning - The flower cannot choose who gets to smell its fragrance, or the lamp choose who gets to experience its light. The only way it can do that is if it ceases being a light.”
— Rick Schmitz, Westwoods Community Church

So - there's that.

questions / comments / hate / etc -

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