[gallery] For the first (and probably last) time ever, we’re posting an open casting listing for RUCKUS right HERE. On the blog. Why? Because if anyone gets us, it’s probably you, the faithful blog reader. And also, because we’re tired of you asking how you can work with us, when the next casting is, etc. So here’s your chance, the field is wide open. You can do it!!

Every year we at RUCKUS partner with the amazing non-profit orginization The Childrens Diabetes Foundation as they host their annual fundraiser "The Brass Ring Luncheon". Its a great show for a great cause and this year they have selected to bring in from Vancouver, Roze Marie of Jaqueline Conoir as the featured designer, and they have asked RUCKUS to produce the show.

So here is the deal, We have 25 FEMALE slots that we need to fill for the show, as well as 12 MALE positions. As most of you know we do not do casting calls for RUCKUS. Every one is hand selected, and we only use and work with our in-house models - well, for all you new girls - this is your chance to get your foot in the door.

First, there are rules. If you’re one of those people that can’t follow the simplest of instructions, then you’re also probably the type to show up late, hungover, and full of excuses. You also might be the type of person who would confusedly play the fire extinguisher like a saxophone while the rest of us are trapped in a raging office fire. So know if you can not follow these simple rules, you will be automatically disqualified. Also - our in house girls have already filled most of these slots. So know that even though there are technically 25 spots - you are really competeing for only 4 or 5 open positions, so bring your A game.

The Fitting for the show is November 4th at 1pm, the show is Nov 5th, with hair and makeup starting at 8am. Do not email us if you are unavailable either of these two days.


1) Only apply for the job if you can satisfy the listed requirements. It doesn’t matter if you’re 1 year shy of the requisite work experience, or you have an excuse, or your mom wrote a sweet letter of recommendation about you. Please don’t waste our time or yours, if you don’t fit the minimal requirements, then please do not e-mail us.

2) Title the e-mail "attn: Mandi - I WANT TO MODEL". Any e-mails that don’t follow this rule will be immediately deleted before we even get to the body. You also must include your CURRENT : - height - weight - bust - waist - hips - experience level - full body shot - headshot - explanation of why you would be a good fit for the Ruckus Family

3) To apply to model, e-mail all of the above to This is our model coordinator, she is the person you gotta impress.

4) Also, you MUST be 18 or older to apply. Most modeling gigs are in Denver, Colorado, so natives are preferred.

To Model for us you must meet the following requirements: - Must be at least 5'6. - No leprosy. - Hand-drawing skills are a must. - Must be willing to drop everything and fetch ice cream - Can not be a killer. - Your personal style cannot consist of clothing that fits the “homeless vampire” or "hippie" look. - Must have a solid understanding of how to skip through the previews on a Blu-Ray player. - Proficient knowledge of social media. - Must work well in a family atmosphere, if you are caught stealing or gossiping or anything of the sort - our in-house girls will rip you to shreds.

Good Luck.

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