Meet Ben. Ben is 72 years old and is the sole caretaker of his disabled adult son. He started attending crossfit to build and maintain the strength he needed to pick his son up and out of his wheelchair regularly. Every single day he is in the gym, cracking jokes and attempting whatever is thrown at him, regardless of his ability. In this picture he is squatting 115 pounds, and he is the sweetest man we have ever met.

So, for all of you who skipped the gym today, and for everyone who "I won't"... "I can't"... "Its too hard" or "What is the point?" - You need to find a reason to live the best life that you can, because your health is so much more important that just looking good naked.

Your life, and in a lot of cases the lives of others, depends on it. Ben can do it - so can you.

For those who live in Denver, if you are looking to get back in the gym - CrossFit Verve is the place to go, and Cassandra Fiorella is the person to talk to.

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