What does it mean to tell a story… What does it mean to go on an adventure, to live life… instead of just survive it.

“LETS GO ANYWHERE” the new Collection from RUCKUS Apparel, available Now.

Approaching this collection, these were the thoughts running through my head. What does it mean to really say yes to love, to life, to adventure, to chaos, and to uncertainty….

I don’t have the answer to all of these questions yet. I personally still struggle with these daily. But, what I do know, is that these are the things I long for and desire. I have a voracious appetite for adventure, and mischief, and a partner to hold my hand during it all. I think those same desires burn deep in a lot of us…

Now, what does it look like to design a clothing collection around those ideas… I know the answer to that question even less. But I do know it involved a lot of reading, fireball whisky, late nights and early mornings, Earl Grey tea, Deus Ex Machina, Surfing, The Elijah, Kanye, and a whole new world of product and ink testing, fitting after fitting after fitting, ending with a month long venture to Canggu, Bali, Indonesia.

The collection I had in my head had to be extremely flattering, I mean, so flattering that when you put it on, you can feel it, like really feel it. The type of clothing that you don’t let it hit the ground, even though its made for you to adventure and bleed and cry on. So with that in mind, the clothes had to be ultra utilitarian as well, functional, cost effective, durable, sensible, extremely well made, and earth / eco-friendly.

This collection is different. Maybe not on the outside, but in here, in my heart it is different. It represents this newfound confidence, attitude, and culture. I want RUCKUS to be a gang of people who want great things for not only their own lives, but for the lives of the people around them. I want to create something that people can relate to. I want to create something that builds confidence, restores hope, has firm beliefs, and is free of fear. I want to build something for the 1%ers, for the underdogs, for not just the dreamers – but for the do-ers.

“LETS GO ANYWHERE” in its essence is the invitation to live a better life. Filled with love, blood, sweat, friends, enemies, and everything in between. This collection is about giving you permission to freely express your own story….

I can’t wait to see where that story takes you.

- josh.

“LETS GO ANYWHERE” The new F/W14 Collection from RUCKUS APPAREL is available HERE

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