We were unbelievably honored to be a presenting sponsor for the 2012 Brass Ring Luncheon, and it went off without a hitch. The annual fundraiser benefiting the Childrens Diabetes Foundation has easily become the biggest fashion show and runway production the state of Colorado has to offer. We was once again asked to provide both male and female models for the show as well as collaborate with Vancouver designer RozeMarie on creating, styling, staging, production, and calling the runway show. The event has become a staple of the community and this year offered attendees a different look and crazy funny and competitive way to fundraise:  Nominating four high-profile people for the dubious honor of “winning” the chance to kiss a pig. Former Denver Bronco Rod Smith, calendar firefighter Derek Trombetta, Mrs. Colorado Courtney Graham and past guild president of the Children’s Diabetes Foundation, Judy McNeil were the contenders; the winner would be decided by how many $20 votes were placed in their name.

Turns out Smith, a member of the Broncos’ Ring of Fame, and McNeil, who is also a past chair of Brass Ring, each received an equal number of votes and were called to the stage to do their duty by mistress of ceremonies Kim Christiansen of 9News.

McNeil, fortified with an extra-thick layer of lipstick, didn’t hesitate to plant one on Huckleberry, a cute little piglet who appeared to be enjoying the attention.

Smith, who was never intimidated by the beefy members of the National Football League, wasn’t quite so enthusiastic. He tried his level best to avoid the porcine encounter.

Of course, it probably didn’t help that Christiansen had her camera phone ready to send an image out for the world to see.  Eventually, though, he relented and put a quick peck on Huckleberry’s head.

For those who might be wondering about the relevance of this stunt, the answer is simple: For a long time, pigs were a diabetic’s best friend. From its discovery in 1922, and until the 1980s, all insulin was extracted from the pancreases of cattle and pigs. Today, insulin is made biosynthetically, by recombinant DNA technology or genetic engineering.

Seven hundred friends of the Barbara Davis Center for Childhood Diabetes attended the event held at the Marriott City Center. For the third year, fashions were provided by Vancouver designer RozeMerie Cuevas and included selections from her Jacqueline Conoir and JAC Collections, alongside RUCKUS Apparel models and styling. The show was something that fashion entusiests will be talking about all year. The show included 2 separate collections with over 25 models, accompanied by projections and lighting that the Denver fashion scene had never seen before. Josh Schmitz of RUCKUS provided the looks and styling for the show saying "Working with Roze is always awesome because I get a lot of free reign to bring to life the styles and imags in my head. With her two different collections, it was awesome to be able to have an edgier side and a more playful side. The RUCKUS girls were amazing as well - I could not have asked for a better modeling core. Mandi Avis, my modeling coordinator really out did herself".

Even Gov. John Hickenlooper stopped by long enough to share his determination to make Colorado the healthiest state in the nation and to applaud the members of The Guild of the Children’s Diabetes Foundation for their service to the Barbara Davis Center and for presenting such a great forum and setting the bar for non-profit fundraising.

See more pictures of the show below: [gallery link="file" orderby="rand"]

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