So many things of this world want to offer us advice on how to live a better story.

It’s the formula. It’s the protein powder, and the 12-step program, the glitz and glam, and buzzfeed articles, and advice on how to be happy, to be successful, and how be in a dream relationship.

But there is a moment in time when you realize that a lot of the time, most of the time honestly, none of that shit is true, and even if it is… you’re simply not in the space to hear it, to feel it.

I think as we go through life, especially now in the snapchat days, of instafame and celebrities posing in front of rented cars and telling us what happiness is, I want to call bullshit.

I want to call bullshit on this idea that we have to be happy all the time. That if we’re not happy, or we’re not successful, or we’re not in the dream relationships, that there is something wrong with us.

The inspiration behind our summer collection “Insult to Space” comes from a line in a poem that had a profound impact on me, written and performed by Colorados own Aleah Bradshaw.

“I cannot say you are beautiful.
I cannot compare your eyes
to stardust or nebulas
or say your voice is as delicate and soft as lace.

Although you are my whole universe,
you are not my whole universe,
because to say so would be an insult to space”

The truth is everything is not ok all the time. Nor is it supposed to be. But in this world of instant satisfaction, we are looking for resolution to emotion at every turn, more often that not turning to cheap substitutes to make us feel better.

This poem struck me because as her heart is being poured out, it’s not in an angry way. It’s not in a way where you hate the man that made her feel like this. She doesn’t bash him. She doesn’t blame him. NOR does she offer resolution from this pain.

There isn’t a happy ending in this poem. There isn’t some resolution or new prince charming, and he doesn’t come back.

Were left just sitting in the emotion of being broken hearted.

Insult to Space is a tribute to every guy out there who knows what it feels like to be heartbroken that you have the capability to break a heart.

Insult to Space is a tribute to every girl out there whose had her heartbroken.

In a world that tells us that if you don’t have 5K followers you’re not good enough, in a world that tells you that you need to have it all figured out by the time you’re 24, in a world that tells us it’s mandatory to be happy all the time – Insult to Space is a tribute to say that’s all bullshit.

The world isn’t always hugs and high fives, sometimes its cruel. Heartbreakingly cruel. And Insult to Space isn’t about offering resolution to it, it’s about having the guts to just sit in it.

My friend Marcus says the best pieces of art, and the best artists, are the ones who evoke and pull emotion out from within you, not the ones that try to tell you how to feel. Insult to Space is an invitation to revisit all the stuff you have inside of you, and just let it come out.

The juxtapose of the collection is meant to make you think; It’s not meant to tell you details. The juxtapose is supposed to make you question, not give you answers. The juxtapose is about finding the beauty within the pain. The scorpion rose is a great example. Something so dangerous and painful, yet so lovely at the end of the sting. The beauty is actually in the combination.

Insult to Space is an invitation to stop expecting people to be perfect so you can truly begin to love them for who they are.

Insult to Space is about pain, and it’s about beauty… and it’s about the combination of them together. Not to offer you resolution, but instead offer you the permission to sit in both of them as equals unashamed.

The world says that if you work hard, stay focused, and never give up, you will eventually get what you want in life.

But the truth is, while I believe wholeheartedly in outworking the entire field, sometimes, honestly, the things we want most in life are the things that will kill us.

Insult to Space is a collection inviting you to really think about how the things we want most in life, the things we think will set us free, are not the thing we need.

We don’t need a man. We don’t need a woman. We don’t need to be perfect.

Aleah says it the best:

People are not that beautiful.
You are not a complex planet or a system of stars.
You are only human.

You are broken.
You are messed up.
I am messed up.
We are messed up.

Insult to Space is about being messed up. It’s about being human. Because, in the end, that’s enough.

I love you guys so much. Thank you for reading this far down if you actually did. This was a heavy collection for me to put together and when you run a brand that’s an extension of yourself it can be scary and vulnerable, but that’s what being an artist is I think. I want RUCKUS to have guts. I want it to actually have context. I want it to actually make you feel something as deep as we feel it. I hope this collection makes you feel, and I pray we all have the guts to sit in the emotion, not just post another pic on IG to make ourselves feel better.

Insult to Space is for a generation whose parents turned on the lights for us when we were scared of the dark… instead of making us face the monsters under our bed and learn their names.

Watch our brand new fashion film 'INSULT TO SPACE" below.

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Poem & Words : Aleah Bradshaw
Music : Keaton Henson

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