We wanted to start of our 2013 style guide with the one place every guys style should first begin - your hair. We teamed up with Vinnie Morey, one of the owners of Proper Barbershop LA and asked him to talk about what he sees coming on and what to look out for in 2013.

Vinnie Morey has been doing hair professionally for several years and has strived to achieve perfection in every aspect of the hair industry. He trained at the Vidal Sassoon Academy. His work has been seen everywhere, from the pages of Allure Magazine to the runways of both New York and Los Angeles Fashion Weeks. He has appeared on "Tabatha's Salon Takeover, Season 1" and worked on the Wella Vision Tour '08.  After training under some of the top barbers in the country, Vinnie learned a great deal about the art of barbering, but is now focused on bringing this age-old tradition to the world of high fashion.

Here is what he has to say;

In 2013 make sure that you keep your eye on the old school!! Mens hair and style is really going steady in the direction of improving on the classic styles but with a few modern twists! We are starting to see a ton of classic gentlemans cuts with some very modern twists, tons of really amazing part work, loads of disconnection on the fringe and of course the always classic high and tight. This year i think we are going to say goodbye to the beard, you will see a lot of moustaches and more and more men going back to a nice classic clean shave! Another huge trend this year will be the uprise of new products and on the forefront of that movement in this barbers humble opinion is the Aussie company Uppercut Deluxe. Be on the look out for these products to hit US soil in Jan. They have a ton of great stuff, the classic pomade is one of the best water salable on the market, they also have some great bees wax based pomades, not to mention their shave line is knocking it out of the park!! It leaves your skin with a slight tingle during the shave so you know it is opening up the pores to give you the closest shave possible. I am super excited to see these products hit the US I am sure you will be seeing a ton of great styles with the aid of Uppercut Deluxe. 2013 is going to be a flashback year for the modern gentleman and I am personally super excited to be one to help keep men in great style!! - Vinnie Morey

Make sure you follow Vinnie on Instagram @the_barberxxx for all the latest trends, and if you are in or around LA, make sure you swing through PROPER BARBERSHOP LA and show them some love!

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