Good things come to those who wait.

The majority of people really do believe this. Common thought goes: Perform well, and then just wait ~ wait for good things, a good college, a good job, a good community, a good man to choose you. But the closer you get to the real world, the more you will realize this is not always the case. And how quickly this way of thinking, actually leads down a path of restlessness rather than discovery.

You can either sit around waiting for opportunities and relationships, or you could cultivate them. And when I look to Jesus for guidance, I see a Man who made choices. I saw a man that confidently and creatively pursued his passions. I saw a man who created the community he desired. I saw a man who entrusted every decision to God (especially when He didn't understand) and changed the world because of it.

So, these days I believe something different:

Good things come to those who choose.

And when I think about it, that’s all I really want. I’m finding I would rather live a life pursuing what I love with God rather than wondering when or if things will ever happen for me.

Waiting got me nowhere, while choosing at least allows me a fighters chance to experience a journey of purpose, beauty and grace.

I can't tell you exactly where - but if you jump off the cliff, what I can promise you - is that you will land SOMEWHERE.

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