My great friend and sponsored fighter Brandon 'RUKUS' Thatch takes on the biggest fight of his career coming up on April 16th as he headlines the event taking on Chris Holland at Ring of Fire 40.

I caught up with Brandon and he was gracious enough to give us a look inside his mind:

Full Name: Brandon Michael Mathew Thatch

Birthday: 07-11-85

Height and Weight: 6''2 walking 200lbs fighting 170lbs

Professional Record: 6 – 1

Favorite Movie: Joe Dirt

Favorite Meal: Ice Cream Haggen Daze Coffee

If you could fight anyone in the world it would be? If I could fight anyone it would definitely a ton of midgets! Like a ton! Enough that I'd have to fight for my life! No offense to little people..... Could be pre-teen children doesn’t matter. Just small enough to pick up and use as weapons against the others.

Who’s the one person you would never want to fight: I wouldn't want to fight my father Clarence Thatch in his prime. The dude is a bad mofo.

Now that that is out of the way… when did you first realize that you liked to fight? I wasn’t really ever into fighting without a cause. However, give me a reason.... like disrespect to my family or friends - and its go time. But I realized I was a natural at it when i was 5.

How long into your career did you realize that not only did you like to fight – but you were GOOD at it? Lol when i was five and smoking all the kids in my karate class

Everyone always asks what’s your record and you quote your pro record, but what’s your REAL record – I’m talking street record… My street record is probably like 10-1..... didn’t fight too much on the streets but when i did I usually mopped up. The 1 was when i was 14 and got jumped by 20 year old grown ass men. Got my ass handed to me by 4 dudes. Lame lol

Walk me through your typical day leading up to this fight: Lots of conditioning and dieting!I hate dieting. This boy loves to eat. I spend about an hour a day prepping food. Then i get to teach my students. I love the family we have at the gym it is crazy how close to the people you train with.

What is currently on repeat on your IPOD? I’m on a dirty dubstep kick. The dirtier the better. I wanna hear some shit that sounds like a rubber ducky on a cheese grader!

Have you chosen your walkout song for your upcoming fight yet? My walk out song stays the same. “Slam” by Pendulum..... Straight war march. You know shits going down. Check it out - you'll pee a lil

Talk for a second about this fight – how is this one any different from your previous professional bouts? This fight is important for a few reasons. For one it's my first main event. Sick. The other is the fact that he beat two of my buddies. It’s payback time.

I know you probably have a laundry list of names, but when you step in the cage, what / who are you fighting for? I mean – at the base of it all, what do you stand for? First and foremost I fight for the fans. I mean my opponent no ill will but at the same time i fight for the fans and if that means making my opponent bleed then so be it. Ill buy him a beer after. And I also fight for the brothers that sweat and bleed with me day in and day out.

Your training out of Grudge now, how does Grudge match up against the other gyms and training camps locally? Do you train anywhere else? Grudge is a step above the rest - Not only locally but in the world. We are the new breed of gladiators. They have stepped my game up to another level! Every day that i am there I am pushed past every bit of comfort I have. It is humbling every time i am there

For your last fight you had to cut pretty hard, but you trusted your trainers and they got you to right where you were supposed to be and you peaked at just the right time. Are you still with the same nutritionist and trainers? I am still with my same Nutrionist Jake Purdy. I trust him with my life. He has a ridiculous amount of knowledge and it doesn’t hurt that he is my roommate and one of my closest friends. As for my trainers; I work with my strength and conditioning Coach Zach ""The Caveman" Walsh. And then I work with a close personal friend - Vinnie "The Assault" Lopez. He is the big brother I never had, as well as my favorite training partner.

What’s your schedule going to be come fight day? Hair cut? Special movie you watch? Meditation? Walk me through it: Gotta go get chopped up. You know the hair haw to be cleaned up. You look good, you feel good, you do good. I have to cut weight thats when I do the meditation. The night before. At your weakest in the sauna or hot bath is where I do my best thinking. Gives you time to ponder and reflect on your training. And the people that have invested there time and physical energy to help prepare you for your fight. Then the decision is made him or me…

Any other shout out or thanks leading up to this fight? Huge Shout outs and thanks to: Brenden Musgrave Matt Tucker Dan Barnet Wes Turner Jonathon Parnell Jam Bacchus

Thanks so much for your time brotha – Good luck on the 16th – You know the RUCKUS Army has your back!!

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