As we get ready to open BELLWETHER next month, I'm going through some weird adjustments. The toughest adjustments for me, is transitioning from running a lean&mean operation (Ruckus is comprised of only 4 people total) to running a mid-scale public facing business (We are hiring 13 people right out of the gate). 

And it hit me, I am now in charge of setting a company culture in a much, much, larger setting.

For a lot of you guys who are still in desk jobs - you get used to taking orders. You do what your boss tells you to do. The client is always right. Don’t question anything. Follow the rules.

Here’s the thing I'm learning: If I don’t like something about my business, it’s up to me to change it.

There isn’t a set of rules I have to follow — it’s up to me to create the rules.

So for us, when it comes to the "rules", we are changing things up a bit - for instance, here, you are allowed to disagree with your client. In fact its been my experience, most clients want you to speak your mind! Sure, you will occasionally have to give the client what they want because, after all, they are the ones paying you. But most people choose to work with small businesses because they want a more personal touch, and they trust your opinion.

I'm learning that in order to create culture we want - its up to me to set my expectations early with the employees and to make sure that our business, principles, beliefs, and practices aligns with their life.

Here is another thing - You are allowed to change your mind.

Trying to communicate to our employees this is not a script, this is an experiment. And sometimes - we are going to be wrong or misguided, or things just aren't going to work out like they think they will. And at that point, we are all allowed to change our minds. Without ADAPTATION, you are dead already.

Here, we want to be a catalyst to help our employees reach their own dreams - so when you realize that there’s something off about your “dream work,” whether it takes longer than you thought, doesn’t play as much to your strengths as you thought, or simply just doesn’t bring you the joy you thought it would, we can tweak your position within the company to suit your personal needs.

Companies all over the globe are having a hard time keeping Millennials in the workforce because as soon as they get bored / feel they cant grow any more / they bounce. Not with us. You get bored here? Hop on retail instead of barista for a week. Work in Marketing, etc - we have positions across the scope that are interchangeable, designed to keep you growing, learning, engaged.

Realizing that we don't have to play by anyone else's rules anymore is one of the most frightening yet liberating experiences i have had this year.

So for me, I have to consistently tell myself - When something isn’t working, remember that you have the power to change it.

But here's what I am realizing too - For you guys still in desk jobs, the SAME THINGS APPLY TO YOU.

Whenever something isn’t working for you, remember: You have the power to change it. It’s up to you to create the rules for your life in which you need to do the work that you love, and do it well.

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