I was in a meeting on Friday and this idea came up about all of the different types of people in the world. The guy I was meeting with broke it down and told me there are really only three types of people in the world:

1. Consumers

2. Critics

3. Creators

It got me thinking. I have spent a lot of time in my life being a critic. Truth be told, I love my role as a Critic. It gives me power. I like power.  In certain areas like fashion, music, even politics in the right circle, it can turn into mania, an obsession - MY obsession - fueled by the high of feeling and being ... “right.”

But around a year or so ago this all changed. It changed when I realized I wasn’t a critic – I was simply a hater. And with that, I also realized I was against a lot more than I was actually for… and I didn’t like that.

Honestly, I think this applies to the general populace a lot more than anyone wants to take responsibility for. Take politics for example… No matter who is in the White House, it’s so easy to hate on the policies or actions of the President, but almost all of you are without the wits or knowledge to constructively engage in the political process and put forth a better idea, let alone option. I find it absolutely fascinating how many people have very strong political opinions but can’t name their local representative in Congress.

That is just a bit of a side rant, my main point is -  if you look at the people who’ve made the greatest change in the world, they’re the ones who spent the least amount of their time as critics and consumers, and the majority of their time as creators.

I believe human beings were made by a God who loves to create, and in He made us a lot like him. Whether it was 7 days or 7 billion years (for arguments sake) God is at his best when he’s creating. So are we.

I also believe that people, and the positions they hold, can change. Which means - it’s our job to move away from a life of consumption and criticism, and move into a life of creative ACTION.

Maybe, like me, you’ve already begun. If so, it’s your job to encourage creativity in others.

This isn’t just for artists, activists, engineers, or entrepreneurs. I think everyone has the ability to create with great purpose. This is one of the reasons I started this company.

I believe ordinary people have the ability to have serious impact in the lives of others. And if you’re reading this with a few minutes to spare and high speed internet, you also have a moral responsibility to do so.

Work sucks, I know. It can be routine, and shitty, and draining. That is why each day I try and put one thing on my to-do list that requires me to create, to think outside if the box. You know how many sketchbooks are filled with doodles, concepts, or event ideas?!? Simply create. This daily exercise can be as simple as a 10 minute phone call to bounce a new idea off a friend. Daily discipline like this will lead to more and more self improvement, and you’ll find you refreshed, I promise.

Creativity is an exponential force, its multiplication vs addition. Creativity produces better work that produces better work. But, creativity is also a repelling force. The more we create, the more it repels us away from the dangers of over consumption and over criticism. It keeps us focused on our own tasks, and allows us to care less about what anyone else is doing.

Start today. The worst thing you can do is postpone your creative action until tomorrow. Nothing is promised.

Move. Create. Inspire. Repeat.


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