I watched this video about a week ago and still cant get it out of my head, and had to share. Watch the video to get a complete sense of this article, but the phrase that has been playing over and over in my head is his ending question - "when you look at your own personal output, are you contributing to the 10% of actual content, or the 90% of Bullshit?"

That question made me think. That question made me step back and think about not only my priorities - but the priorities of those around me as well...

One of the sad promises of the world today is that with just a little bit of effort: you can become famous. And in return, if you're not famous - you are a nobody.

If you get enough followers, fans, likes, retweets, then you are finally validated as a person, and you can make your book, blog, movie, band, idea – successful. So we delve into this ridiculous fictional realm of:

Twitter – Facebook – Instagram – Pinterest – YouTube – MySpace – LinkedIn – Jumbalaya – Vimeo – Google Plus – WordPress – Tumblr - Bullshit - Bullshit - Bullshit

We work hard on our personal brand. Squeeze into clothes we shouldn't (or maybe take OFF clothes we shouldn't) Build our street cred. Get professional head shots. Put QR codes on our business cards. Bullshit. Bullshit. Bullshit.

We create clever titles for ourselves, then humbly put them in our social media description: Fashionista. International Word Maven. Social Media Expert Pro. World Renowned Superstar. Media Ninja. Blogging Sherpa. Bullshit. Bullshit. Bullshit.

Some go a different route to fame and become and simply become extreme haters. Thinking that, if we criticize vigorously enough, maybe they’ll pay attention and allow us a guest seat at their table of fame. (see my article on Creators vs Critics)

I am not excused from either of these. My great temptation as an addictive creative is to focus on the hype and build the image, but during all the bullshit, I forget about my craft, my product, my creation. When I lose focus, I become the same peddler of hollow, half-ass, and half-produced ideas as you.

This is the disease of today. All smoke and fluff, pomp and title. No substance.

It is times and places like this that bring me back to reality; Remind me that I need to:

Relentlessly fight for true ideas, creations, values, beliefs.

Grow it. Protect it. Work for it. Stay Focused. Work hard at Working harder.

Josh. questions / comments / hate / etc - holler@ruckusapparel.com 1.9

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