Blue Like Jazz is by far my favorite book of all time, so naturally when I heard that they made a movie loosely based on the book I had to see it. What I found was an amazing insight into the mind and life of most Generation X'ers who were raised in the church. Anyone who knows what AWANAS is - needs to see this movie.

One of my favorite scenes in Blue Like Jazz was the God debate scene. I like the scene because both sides are equally represented, as they are in real life, and there is no decided winner.

I think one of the mistakes Christian thinkers have made is they have feared to embrace the mysterious as an explanation to our existence. To me, this is our biggest selling point. I can understand why most Christians stay clear of this idea though, it associates us with so many other wishy washy ideas about our origin. But think about it - almost every aspect of LIFE is completely beyond logical explanation. Love cannot be explained logically, nor beauty nor wonder nor eternity or our endless cosmos. Much of our existence defy’s logical principles. As does God.

Anyway, here’s the clip from the film. I do hope you go see it. If anything, it will leave you with a lot to talk about.

For more info on BLUE LIKE JAZZ click HERE

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