RUCKUS teamed up with Allied Creatives to create an ultimate Black Market Experience to feature the new Spring Collection from RUCKUS. The official launch event took place on Saturday, April 27th, at the new Allied Creatives Warehouse in the heart of Downtown Denver.

This brand new hidden gem is guaranteed to begin poppin up all over the map as a destination for creatives and taste-makers nation wide. We've got some pictures for you so you don't feel left out. The event featured DJ RawRuss of Elm&Oak playing a close to 7 hour mix of classic hip-hop, trap, and break to make sure the party didn't fall asleep, as well as a large live painting Art Installment called "CHURCH OF TRILL" featuring the work of Micah Mitchell and Rob Doldaard; which displayed a gold room with four 8ftx2ft paintings featuring rappers from every generation in a type of "YO MTV RAPS" style. It was definitely one of the best full activation art installments that Denver has seen for a while, down to the gold walls and frames, to a section set up in the corner to roll some gold-plated dice, to the giant block letters on the window displaying TRILL loud-and-proud.

The event was complete opposite of the usual  RUCKUS "blow-out" style and was a secret, invite only, exclusive text-only campaign event for friends, family, and VIPs only - as RUCKUS previewed the Spring Collection for the first time, and offered it up at discounted prices as a thank you to the people that have been with them since the beginning. The Party also featured free drinks (courtesy of REDBULL, FIREBALL, and DEEP EDDY VODKA), tattoos (courtesy of STAY LOCAL TATTOO), and haircuts (courtesy The Proper Barbershop). As well as custom vynal wraps and window coverings (courtesy INK MONSTR).

It was a great event that saw a ton of movers and shakers in and out throughout the day and have a true sense of the real 30-under-30 scene in Denver, with everyone from the RUCKUS girls, numerous account heads and CEOs, to many professional athletes, were seen enjoying themselves at the release.

Shout out to INK MONSTR, REDBULL, ROAM, DEEP EDDY VODKA, GREAT DIVIDE and FIREBALL for sponsoring the event!

If you missed out on Saturdays event, you can check out the new Spring Collection from Ruckus Apparel HERE

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