As much as I have intentionally stayed away from weighing in on the Starbucks coffee cups, and Donald Trump, and all the other non-sense, one thing I cant stay away from is the catastrophy going on right now with the Syrian refugees.

I posted this yesterday on my personal page and within minutes it blew up:

“If you’re pro-life, or believe in and preach ‪#‎blacklivesmatter‬, but are anti-refuge, you have your priorities so twisted I don’t even know where to begin. You can’t pick and choose who, and when, and where you LOVE. You either love humanity as a whole or you don’t. ‪#‎AllLivesMatter‬, the homeless, the handicapped, the unborn, all colors from all nations. Seriously - What in the world is wrong with you guys.”

And looking back and dissecting peoples polar response to this issue, I think it all comes down to FEAR. We are scared. We are scared of terrorism, of the unknown, of losing our safety net that is The United States, I guess?

I understand Fear, I grew up in the church, so believe me, I understand how its used in leadership and places of power to try and control the tribe. Where by damning and posturing everyone "out there" as a monster, we will somehow be safe. We were somehow better, knew more, were more entitled, better off "in-here", etc.

But as I grew up, and learned from my father who left the church and started his own, I discovered that there wasn't anything to fear at all. Catholics are actually pretty cool people... Democrats aren't actually complete idiots... Racial Minorities want the exact same things you do... Gays wont try to kiss you... and so on and so on.

But whether it be politics, the church, your family, your boss, you cannot let your Tribe make you fear the outside world.

But here is the kicker - especially with the current refugee situation - It’s not that there aren’t monsters in the world, because there are. It’s just that, I've realized there are just as many monsters inside as there are outside.

It turns out there are deceivers and manipulators in every tribe, regardless of what that tribe believes or represents. So these days, I can no longer think one group of people as healthy and another unhealthy. Or one group as safe, and another as dangerous. Or one group as right, and another as wrong.

In fact, when i look at my community, it's not built around common beliefs; it’s actually built around common character. When I look at my friends, I want to be surrounded by the good guys, regardless if they are Christian, Atheists, Democrats, Republicans, Gay, Straight, American or Syrian. Straight up - I don’t care. What I care about is whether or not they are true and good and humble and able to have safe, healthy relationships.

I wonder what it would look like to accept people and trust them based on their character rather than the things we’ve been taught to fear?

Of course, this is confusing for people who live outside the kingdom of Grace to understand, because it is not a SAFE decision.

People are so convinced that “other people” are unsafe, so they are no longer capable of reaching outside their own beliefs to establish relationships. I find this sad because they are missing out on a world of experiences and friendships and memories they could have if they only knew the truth, that there are as many monsters inside their village as outside.

Currently - not last year, not next month, but CURRENTLY - Moms, Dads, and Children are running for their lives away from ISIS and terrorism. I'm not saying the "safest" thing to do to let them in to our country, into our cities, into our homes... but I am saying that it would go against EVERYTHING I believe in to turn them away.

I hope that when I die, the people at my funeral will be able to say that I stood up for what was RIGHT, not for what was SAFE.

At any point any person off the street could come in to our store with a gun and shoot the place up. What do i do? Close the door because of the unknown? Because I cant background check every single customer that comes in? Allow myself to be controlled by irrational fear? No way.

I believe in humanity, and I will refuse to let FEAR be a determining factor in any of my daily decisions.

We will never DO anything great, we will never BE anything great, we will never be a GREAT country, if we allow ourselves to be controlled by fear.

Love knows no bounds - we either love ALL of humanity, or you don't. We don't get to pick and choose.

Life isn't a totem pole of who is more important, who gets love, value, and worth, and who doesn't. In my eyes, and in Gods eyes - We ALL matter.

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