pascal This past month while traveling through San Fran, we got the opportunity to grab lunch with one of our mentors Pascal Finette. Pascals résumé includes leading Mozilla Labs, creator of Mozilla's accelerator program WebFWD, heading up Mozilla's Office of the Chair, and Head of Investment into social impact organizations around the globe for He created the non-profit organizations Mentor for Good, POWER UP, the GyShiDo (Get Your S%#& Done), and is also the publisher the amazing and opinionated The Heretic newsletter.


We met for several hours and talked across numerous ideas, platforms, principles, and thoughts. The main point being: how can we encourage the youth of today to become entrepreneurs.

We kicked this idea around for hours – we talked about education reform, mentor initiatives, parenting, the lack of REAL men in the majority of children’s lives, school reward systems, easier access to start-up initiatives and funding, etc etc etc

But – you know – the one thing that stands out over our meeting with Pascal, and honestly, the thing that stands out to me about MOST entrepreneurs that I know, is this:

We know what we want to do.

What I mean is, we feel it, its almost like its in our DNA, or we are genetically wired to just KNOW what we want. Whether it’s THAT car…. or THAT girl… or THAT job, THAT body, THAT adventure, THAT championship game.

We know what we want.

And on the complete other hand, if we don’t know what we want, we find ourselves boring, dull, its borderline torture.

I think that principle rings true for all human life; If we don’t know what we want – or we don’t know where we are going – the story is boring, and we end up making horrible decisions.

My favorite author Donald Miller, once said:

If I offered you a penthouse condo in New York City worth millions and stipulated that in order to claim it you had to drive across the country, would you be tempted by the offer of a run-down shack in the midwest? The only way you’d be tempted by that is if I hadn’t offered you the condo. When we don’t know where we are headed in life, we are vulnerable to temptation.”

To live a good life, you have to KNOW what you want, you have to KNOW where you are going.

So, what do you daydream about? What successes have you had? What do other people believe you are good at? What other lives out there inspire yours? When do you feel like you and God are working on a project together? These are the things that we need to be asking the youth of today. These are the questions, the empowerment, and the inspiration they need.

These are all clues that help us understand how we are wired and help us decide what to do with our lives. Of course these things are always free to evolve and change - because you will evolve and change!! What I am saying is just don’t wander around in a directionless fog, like a boat in the ocean with no compass.

Because here is what’s true – either YOU are ACTING on the WORLD – or the WORLD is ACTING on YOU. There is no Neutral.

In closing, if we want to inspire the youth of today to become entrepreneurs – it starts with asking them one question – WHAT DO THEY WANT? Secondly, we have to trust in the good intrinsic nature of the human species and believe in them and encourage them to follow through.

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