As we opened Bellwether, a surprising hurdle i wasn't expecting to bump into was the hiring process. I was naive in the fact that we had all we needed, our team was set, strong, accomplished, could handle the hours, and that people who were coming in to interview had some idea of what they needed to land the job. 

Man, was I wrong.

In thinking about the hiring process, I have a little bit of advice for young creatives entering the workplace and looking for full time employment in a field they love.

1. Lose your friends.

If your friends aren’t ambitious, if they don’t have clear plans, you probably won’t either. This doesn’t mean to reject them, but it does mean if your friends want to lay around doing nothing all day, get some new friends. The single greatest influence playing on you is your friends. You will become like the people you hang around - and that is a fact.

2. Read books.

Read a book a week over the next two weeks. For the love of God, become educated in fields you love and have discipline to read at night instead of playing hours of Angry Birds.

3. Write down your goals for the next month.

Do this now. If you don’t know what you want, that’s a very serious problem, so just write down anything and start moving. A body in motion stays in motion. It doesn’t matter if you change your mind later. You can’t change your mind about what you want until you start moving forward.

4. Accept hardship.

Hardship is part of every life, and God intends it to purify you and prepare you. If you reject hardship, you reject life. If you aren't willing to work hard, then straight up - you're never going to have a life of meaning.

5. Cut the cynicism.

Leaders don’t roll their eyes, children do. Is the Dave Matthews band so yesterday? Great. You and the kids in the high school cafeteria can talk about it all day. People work very hard to do what they do, and when you roll your eyes, you’re being insulting.

6. Accomplish something.

Nothing builds true confidence like success. Want to be a filmmaker? Make a short film and enter it into a contest. Want to write? Write an essay and submit it to a journal. Pick something and practice and work until you’re good at it. You can only change direction if you are in motion.

- These are just quick and dirty tips, and of course there are a million more. But this should get the ball rolling, or at least get you out of bed.

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