The 10 Things Successful People Live By Before They Make It

1. They didn’t use excuses.

In life we’re all the victim of injustice from time to time. You were raised in a broken home, your dad didnt hug you enough, your heart got ripped out in High School, you didn't get that promotion that you deserve, etc. No matter who we are, we’re going to be treated unfairly at some point. We can either feel sorry for ourselves, or push forward and put it behind us. You cant walk around life using your past failures or injustices as crutches. We have to make the decision to get BETTER - not BITTER.

Nelson Mandela could have used his unjust imprisonment as an excuse to give into his anger and rage. Instead, he used it as an opportunity to learn, grow, and eventually free others.

Listen to your excuses. Understand why you have them. Quit complaining, and simply figure out how you can use, manipulate, and leverage them for good.

2. It was never about the money.

Money can be a motivator, it can even be a reward, but it can’t be the motivator. The truly successful in life always get there because they created change in the lives of others, not just their own. Living outside yourself is the only way to be truly happy and satisfied in your life.

If something drives you that is greater than just the ‘ends’, you’re going to work harder, longer, and we’re going to give more of ourselves to our project. Money is great, but how much you make has nothing to do with your legacy.

Yeah, sure - we can make money when we have the primary goal of making money. Some might even use that money for good – which is awesome. But there’s NO fulfillment in simply making money. And isn’t that the point?

When your on your death bed, you won't care about your bottom line or your trophies, you will care about the people in the room, and the lasting impression you left on their lives.

3. Early mornings and late nights.

People who have achieved true success in their lives have actually WORKED for it.

There’s literally no substitute for hard work. Abraham Lincoln said, “Things may come to those who wait… but only the things left by those who hustle.” If you want to be successful, you’re going to have to out work and out hustle hustle everyone else. And your "hustle" and your "rise and grind" has to exist in reality, not just in your twitter posts. Get off your ass and get to work.

4. The greatest commodity.

Energy is a huge commodity that is often not talked about. Yes, energy in the sense of fuel and electricity is talked about everywhere, but I’m talking about our own energy levels.

The fact is that the more energy we have, the easier it is to focus, and the higher the quality of our work is.

One of Richard Branson‘s ‘key’s to success’ is staying in great physical shape. When you work your body to its limits there is no greater high.

Keeping physically fit gives us greater blood-flow to our brain, enhanced alertness and improved focus. Make training a routine part of your life and increase your chances at success – in every meaning of the word. We are wired as a trinity of mind - body - spirit. You cannot neglect any of these unless your life will fall out of balance.

5. Principles.

"History will be kind to me. For I intend to write it."

Winston Churchill had principles. The difference between him and the rest of us, is that he stuck to his principles at all costs. He didn't waver when they weren’t popular – an extreme rarity in politics. When they entered WWII, Churchill knew that by themselves, England could not defeat Germany. But his mindset of "ill probably end up in the hospital, but i swear to Christ you'll be laying next to me" and his never say die attitude made him one of the most influential people in history.

What are your principles? All of us should have them, know what they are, and live our lives by them.

One of Apple’s principles is to bring change to the world through technology, and they do it with every product they release.

Identify what principles you have that guide your life through tough times, and when things couldn’t be any better. They shouldn’t change, and at your core, neither should you.

6. Wavering, yet unbreakable faith.

We all have moments of doubt. Even the best of us question if our dream is going to come true. The one thing that separates the truly successful from those who never reach their true potential is an unbreakable faith in the fact that what they’re doing is right.

Have your moments of doubt. You’re human. Just don’t let that doubt eat you up. Instead let it motivate you to prove your optimism right.

7. A reason.

Many of the greatest accomplishments in the world were accomplished by insecure men and women, people who had something to prove to others. A desire to elevate their status and create change that was so strong, that failure is simply never and option.

Abraham Lincoln‘s reasons had to do a lot with his view of himself in relation to how other’s viewed him. Where others saw a poor, illiterate boy, Lincoln saw someone capable of achieving more, even if he had to do it completely on his own. He also saw the need for change. A nation that preached freedom - wasn't free. He saw something fundamentally wrong with this and set out to change it. His why wasn’t about him, this in turn made him one of history’s great men.

Understand why. You have that reason to work when others sleep, to sacrifice a safe life for a risky one. Find it by asking why, and not stopping until you hit your core, emotional reason for wanting to change your status, or the status of others.

Dont be scared. Fear is not an emotion built inside us to keep us safe - its a manipulative emotion used by the enemy of our souls to keep us from reaching our true potential.

8. They didn't quit.

Remember that quy who quit? Oh, no worries - neither does anyone else.

How does the guy who quit on his dream know how long it would've taken him to become a success? He doesn’t. None of us do. It could be tomorrow, or ten years from now.

What separates a lot of the great people we read about in our history books from those we’ve never heard of is the fact that they never quit. Quitting was never an option. They only stopped when they reached their dream. And even then, they created a new mission.

Take James J. Braddock, or even Nelson Mandela, for example. They didn’t achieve their greatness or success early on in their careers or in life like some. They achieved it after surviving. They survived while others literally died, or quit. In their cases it wasn’t just that they were the best, but they were the best because of what they endured. They were the last one’s standing.

We don’t know when our breakthrough will come. So don’t guarantee your failure by quitting. You can adapt, change, and evolve, but never, never, never quit.

9. Great people relentlessly studied their craft.

Mike Tyson, no one studied their craft as much as he did.

When people think of Tyson, they think of an animal, but what we fail to see is the student. No one studied boxing like Tyson did. He watched more film than anyone in the history of the sport. He was a student first, a fighter second, and an overall badass third.

These great athletes studied film, but how can we perfect our craft?

Find the people in your own craft you inspire you, or people you can learn from - and study them. In life - doing what is convenient and simply going through the motions is no way to achieve greatness. Assuming success is something you want, you have to study your craft, whatever it may be. Learn it inside and out. Live it, Breath it, Live it. Build a wealth of knowledge. It’ll help you create great, inspiring, and unique work.

10. Risk.

No risk, no reward. Yes it’s an over-used, cliché of a phrase. But it’s true. Those who have achieved real success have often risked the most to get there.

There have been billions of people throughout history who have had the ability to achieve greatness, whether it was the talent or smarts, they had it. What they didn’t have was the guts to risk the life that they were living. They also didn’t have the work ethic to see their talent realized.

The greatest tragedy in life is wasted talent ~ A Bronx Tale

Your big, audacious dream might be to marry the girl of your dreams and have a family with her. Your risk might be to leave the career that you love in order to support her and your family.

The bottom line is you have to risk everything if you truly want to see the reward.

Find your dream - know your worth - then, RISK EVERYTHING to get it.


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